Huck iT - Monster CliffsHuck It ™ is the game for thrill-seeking freeriders who want to experience their favorite resorts any and every day of the year.

With both Race and Freeride modes, Huck It ™ brings together the best of both worlds.

It’s not all white knuckles and puckered takeoffs - this snowy wonderland is a feast for the eyes. Every voluptuous curve and towering tree will remind you of why you live to shred.

Even if you've never seen snow, here's your chance to experience what it’s like to fly through the air like a pro, and nail nasty tricks without the pain of a wiping out.

Revel in the bluebird skies while you paint the mountain with rooster tails.

Point it then Huck It ™

Fly off giant drops, toss in a trick, and burn up lines through tight trees.

When you level-up, test your skills and emancipate big air in the bonus round: an assessment so honest its Honest Abe.

It's So RealIt's so real … 
When you rip on Huck It, it feels like the real thing - because it is.
The wintry world is a detailed 3D map of a real-life mecca resort for big-mountain freeskiers.

Ski under the iconic tram ascending across the sky. At nearly 11,000 feet up, it's all delectable downhill from here. If ripping through tight glades is your thing, avoid the flurry of trees at a blazing pace while you lay down your best line.

This is all about speed and survival. Steep, fast & tight. You can almost smell the ponderosa pines.

Level 1 CliffYou might need a neck gaiter

Yes, there's snow on the ground. There's also snow in your face, wind in your hair, and a virtual blizzard.

Battle the conditions and difficulty: an easy-breezy nice clear day; howling wind to make things interesting; or a snowstorm for the tried and intrepid.

You decide: are you a fair-weather tourist who loves scenery, or a crusty, storm-day local?

Real-world challenges

Just like it is on the mountain, a killer run is more than the height of the cliff you just dropped or pulling off a big back-flip.

Conditions, height, tricks, and landings all contribute to your run - just like in real life, you get way more bragging rights sticking a backy in a tight landing zone off a 100-footer in a snowstorm. Thus a higher score.