Huck It Freeride And Race modes
Huck It is a next-generation realistic 3D freeride ski game designed as a
detailed virtual recreation of Salt Lake City, Utah’s most rugged alpine ski resort.

This isn’t the bunny hill; this is freeride country.
Choose big, bigger, or insane drops.
Pull sick tricks, then race to the finish -Huck It ™ offers the best of both worlds.
Huck It Freeride And Race modes

Designed to recreate the feel of actual skiing, there is no button mashing to gain speed.
It's a game of angles—locate the smoothest downhill route to increase your speed.
This added element of strategy dramatically enhances the realism of an
already encapsulating world.
Multiple Levels And Tiers

Several intricately designed slopes available for shredding.

Size definitely matters.

♦ Wide open
♦♦ Moderate
♦♦♦ Tight

Huck It Extreme Weather Conditions
Like in real skiing, you must battle the elements: visibility, snowstorms, harsh winds, and more!

Weather Conditions:

♦ Bluebird
♦♦ Windy
♦♦♦ Dumping

Huck It - Digitized Joystick

Air is great, but spin to win. Throw in a midair front flip for a higher score.
Tilt to control your rider and use Huck It’s innovative digitized joystick
control scheme to pull sick in-air tricks.
Huck It- Bonus Round

Choose your rider then equip them with top-of-the-line jackets, pants, and performance
enhancing skis.
Huck It- Bonus Round

Emancipate big air with the most honest
president in US history in this 2D scroller game.

When you level-up, you get more than an exploding ego; you get a
bonus round - a chance for extra points and special fun.

Get a true test of skill with snowboarding Honest Abe.
Avoid rocks and pick up wax for an amped-up score.
Huck It Freeride And Race modes

Easily share your high scores with your friends at the touch of button.
Frequent Contests with Big Prizes!
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