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First reality-based mobile ski game gives gamers the experience of skiing some of the world’s most rugged and renowned terrain.

New ski game uses actual resort topography for a realistic 3D user experience and is available now on Android and iOS devices.

SALT LAKE CITY – Huck It TM is the newest 3D mobile ski game and the first one based on an actual ski resort. Mystic Media used topographic maps, GPS data and photos to render hand-drawings to create a painstakingly detailed open world. The company based its world on a famed “mystery” resort in Utah. The rock bands, cliffs, trees and scenery are truly representative of the area. The result is a realistic, next-generation, 3D freeride and racing experience for the gamer.

Mystic Media plans to open new worlds on Huck It so players can virtually ski iconic resorts around the world. Chris Silvestro, Mystic Media Founder said, “We wanted to create a world where at anytime and from anywhere players could get the true sensation of shredding a real mountain—maybe their favorite mountain. We want to deliver the essence of skiing—our graphics, controls and fall-line movement do that.

Huck It features a freeride mode, in which players jump off “huck” cliffs with landing zones of varying difficulty and perform tricks to rack up points.  A racing mode also allows players to ski full speed to the bottom while avoiding jagged rocks and trees.

The game combines a digitized joystick control scheme with realistic physics that recreates the feeling of skiing. There is no button-mashing to gain speed; in order to accelerate, players must find the best angle down the hill, or “fall-line” mirroring the action of skiing. Players can customize avatars and upgrade gear and performance with in-app purchase options. Huck It is available now for free on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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